Santigo Íñiguez, Dean of IE Business School

Santigo Íñiguez, Dean of IE Business School foto

Since its foundation four decades ago, IE Business School has educated leaders and entrepreneurs aware of the continuous change affecting the business world. This constant change has become the pattern and companies and their leaders compete permanently to stay ahead of the curve.

“Innovate, transform and evolve” is the new mantra that executives follow to ensure that they continue to create value for shareholders. They must understand their customers better every day, see the trends before they emerge, leverage new technology before it becomes mainstream and ensure that their companies remains at the edge.

Yet in the past decade, the digitization of our World has rapidly changed the way people interact and engage with business. Information is ubiquitous, communication is multi-directional and the demand for vivid interactions is persistent. Businesses must adapt to and leverage this ever-evolving technology or risk being left behind.

At the same time, the evolution of the digital world has also paved the way for creating new business opportunities and delivering unique brand experiences. It has created new ways to differentiate products and services. For those brands that choose to embrace this challenge, the digital world has created a compelling opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with customers that was not previously possible.

We want to facilitate and encourage this dialogue. The topic of today’s conference, “The Future of Marketing: Digital and Beyond,” provides a unique platform for debating the continuous evolution of our digital world – and what lies ahead.

We are thrilled to welcome our distinguished guests from Interbrand, Yahoo, Meaning Labs, Havas, McKinsey, Accenture Digital, Underwired UK, mCordis, Google, Territorio Creativo, Cabify, Expedia UK, Micheal Page, Robert Walters and Microsoft Advertising.

I look forward to the rich discussion about what the future of marketing holds for business – and how we, as current and future business leaders, can help to shape that future.

Welcome to IE Marketing Day!

The Future of Marketing: Digital and Beyond

This year, IE Business School and IE Marketing Club are excited to present IE Marketing Day – a first-of-it’s kind event at IE, focused entirely on the future of marketing.

Attendees and panelists will participate in discussions around the conference’s central theme – “The Future of Marketing: Digital and Beyond.” The conversations will explore how the digitization of our world has rapidly changed the way people consume media in the past decade. Conversations will also explore how the advent of digital has paved the way for creating new business opportunities and unique brand experiences.

Social media, mobile, as well as an array of digital distribution platforms have given birth to new disruptive initiatives and campaigns. Likewise, insights and analytics derived from the online space have created additional touch points to better understand and suit the needs of a brand’s users. Businesses today have a plethora of tools to drive their marketing efforts to optimal levels, opening new doors and growth opportunities.

As digital is ever-evolving, there lies an immense opportunity to leverage the technologies that exist today. Yet there remains a persistent challenge to cut across the clutter, given that this technology is now accessible to everyone.

The IE Marketing Club is excited to present a rich platform for discussing the many options available for today’s marketers, the strategic implications for businesses, as well as the various points of view of experts in the industry.